Branded Content Collection

No passport required. It’s something we had to highlight in our ads because a lot of Americans don’t realize how simple it is to venture into what seems like a completely different world. Because the United States Virgin Islands sit among a string of other islands in the Caribbean that feel like they all may be the same, a vacationers misconception is that this Caribbean destination is like all the others and saturated with isolated all-inclusive resorts. In fact it is quite the contrary, and this branded content addressed all misconceptions and revealed the true identity of the USVI along with the tagline “Real Nice” to furtherly emphasize its authenticity. Production took three full weeks from sunrise to sunset to get what we compiled from this content collection tour. In fact there’s more here than I can share, but all well worth it putting in long hours in paradise. The footage we compiled was limitless in the content we could share and amplify on paid and social media coming back from this shoot, but featured here are three broadcast spots to give you a taste of the magic we were able to capture. If you have any interest in seeing the rest, please feel free to make a request.

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