WEATHERfx AR Awards Experience

The product insight for what we were marketing was that the same weather conditions in different parts of the country drove unique consumer behavior in terms of sales. IBM Watson AI “trains” complex datasets comprised of weather-conditions, geographical region, and client proprietary data sets together to add value to companies, and relevance to our customers who wanted to have highly effective marketing campaigns that enabled them to sell more product based on The Weather Channel’s “World’s most accurate forecast.” So with all that, “Why an Award Show?" you may ask. The research showed that our target of media professionals were paying a ton of attention to anything award related during this time of year (award season), and our client requested whatever we created to be something award related and be in front of them, on their desk, in a meaningful way. So we did just that. An AR award to weather conditions that drove significant sales increases. And this is how we did it. A direct mail piece to high value prospects in the market for Ad Tech that initiated a personal augmented reality award experience right there on their desks. A fun and effective way to learn and share a B2B product in a very unforgettable way.

ClientThe Weather Company, An IBM BusinessServicesCreative Direction, Ideation, Production