The Water Channel Case Study

A Cause Campaign Case Study

When our CMO asked us to develop a “pie in the sky” marketing campaign for anything in our diverse business as an internal exercise, the sky was the limit. With that kind of challenge, one may want to flex creative muscle and invest ideation efforts in some grandiose campaign pitch. But instead I saw it as an opportunity to amplify the existential threat of climate change. With that, The Water Channel was born. The idea was that our institution would change its name to The Water Channel on World Environment Day 2019 to bring much needed attention to global water scarcity and cleanliness brought on by rising temperatures. What was initially a pitch deck with the inception of an idea with an eye catching logo change graphic, soon became a tidal wave of passion as our team jumped on this initiative and developed a successful integrated campaign as showcased in this case study video.

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ClientThe Weather Channel, An IBM BusinessServicesCreative Direction, Ideation, Production