"Only At Baskin Robbins"

I’ve worked on a couple global QSR brands in the past, and typically the foolproof effective approach is a humor campaign along with some beautiful food footage. But when the product is as visually compelling as what Baskin Robbins has to offer, who needs the humor when the beautiful food footage can do ALL the heavy lifting. This campaign was an approach to capitalize on the visually beautiful natural ingredients that go into all Baskin Robbins’ ice cream flavors and cakes. It was close collaborative effort with visual artist and Director Vittorio Sacco that stretched the possibilities of of how the ingredients could be interestingly shot. And as it turns out was amazingly effective receiving Ace Matrix Awards as QSR “Brand of the year” which measures it’s winners on consumer data based on persuasion. A deeper dive on the campaign can be found in this Bon Apetit article. I mean it won creative industry awards as well, but come on, that one takes the cake!

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