Branded Storytelling for South Asia App Launch

With 80% of our active weather app users in the US, and a key goal to attain 1 billion monetizable users globally in coming years, The Weather Channel app needed to find global growth and diversification opportunities. One market that stood out to achieve this was India. India is the second largest weather app market globally so it made sense to be there. The only hurdle was that after lots of in-depth market research we found that culturally weather is not that meaningful or important and often translates simply to “is it raining or not” or is the temperature "high or low.” With this knowledge we knew in order to grow the weather category and establish ourselves as a market leader, we would need to redefine what weather means and take a different approach to our marketing than we have in any other market. Additionally, our research brought back some other valuable insights on how we may be able to succeed in the market. One great one that stood out was that long form branded content storytelling resonates REALLY well in India. So with that, it was all set in motion. We created two short cinematic films ("The Match" and "Chasing The Sun") and two 30 second spots ("The Wait" and "Mom Knows") to run on social and paid media. Since their debut, we've accomplished a goal of +4.5 million installs and have since become the #1 downloaded app in India.

I really hope you enjoy these short films. They came from an amazing collaboration with my friend and Director Shyam Madiraju, and to date, is some of the work I am proudest of.

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ClientThe Weather Channel, An IBM BusinessServicesCreative Direction, Ideation, Production